The copyright registration service

About the service

Copyright Witness is a well established copyright registration facility, which protects the work of thousands of copyright owners all over the world. The service was established to provide a simple, quick and totally secure way to register your work and secure evidence of copyright ownership. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service, while keeping the cost of registration and administration affordable for all.

Known as Copyright Witness internationally, and the UK Copyright Service in the UK, the service supports international copyright protection by securing independent evidence that will help prove originality and ownership in any future claims or disputes.

Secure, worldwide protection

We operate a fast, comprehensive and secure international copyright registration service that provides strong evidence designed to protect your rights worldwide. Our high service standards and strong policies ensure that proper care and provision is taken with all works deposited with us. Please see our service standards page for further details.

Peace of mind

Registering your work provides real benefits, as it ensures that independent evidence of your claim is always available. How does copyright registration help?


We also aim to educate and increase awareness of intellectual property issues via our information pages and fact sheets.