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Copyright registration with Copyright Witness is the fast, effective and low cost way to protect your work from infringement and misuse - by ensuring you always have the best evidence of ownership to protect your work and your rights.

Trusted by thousands of creative organisations and individuals across the world, the service supports international copyright protection by securing independent evidence that will help prove originality and ownership in future claims or disputes.

The registration centre contains forms needed to register your work or manage existing registrations and accounts, plus information about the service and advice on registering your work.

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One of the principal goals of Copyright Witness is to educate, inform and raise awareness of intellectual property issues.

Our information and education centre has help pages and factsheets covering a wide range of intellectual property topics, including:

  • Copyright law and international conventions
  • Advice on how to protect your work
  • How to use copyright notices
  • How to deal with copyright infringement and plagiarism
  • Specific advice for writers, musicians, artists, web designers, etc.

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Our quick and easy assessment will determine if copyright applies and whether registration is suitable for your particular work.

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Why choose Copyright Witness?

As the true market leader, we are trusted by creative individuals and organisations across the world who recognise that our unrivaled standards ensure the strongest evidence and best possible service.

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Why register?

Registration can make it easier to prove a claim, speed up decisions and reduce legal costs in future plagiarism or infringement disputes.

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Solicitor, agent, publisher?

Advice for solicitors and other agents registering work on behalf of their clients.

Acting as authorised agent



International copyright protection

Copyright protects your rights and your work all over the world automatically.

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Free educational factsheets

Reprintable pack for educational establishments, libraries advice centres and other non-commercial organisations.

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