Email security

Email policies

We have strict policies regarding the use of our systems. If you are unable to send email to us, or have received unsolicited email claiming to be from one of our domains, please read the information on this page.

Our anti-spam measures

To prevent spam and virus attacks, black-listed relays and email from spoofed addresses will be blocked. We have also replaced several addresses which were receiving high levels of unsolicited mail.

The addresses; formats@, enquiries@, webmaster@ and information@ have been removed from our systems as they were being targeted for viruses and spam emails.

Email address spoofing

Unfortunately, the Internet community as a whole is experiencing a growing number of cases of email spoofing. This is when a virus, spam email or malicious sender has faked the address the email is sent from.

Known spoofing addresses

If you have received email from any of the following, it did not originate from our systems:


    The domain is not configured to send email, any email address from this domain is faked. In particular we have notified the Police of abuse by a company selling pharmaceuticals, who were spoofing this domain in their emails.

  • Any address which uses a first name, (i.e. Bob@, Sharon@, Ian@ etc), in the email address.

    We do not use this format for our addresses. The address has probably been generated by a virus.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

We implement SPF - Find out about it here.

a.k.a. Sender Permitted From

We are committed to stamping out spam. To this end the DNS record of every Internet server we have has been amended in accordance with the SPF, to verify which of our domains are permitted to send mail.


DNS Black Lists


DSBL Composite blocking list

Spamhaus SORBS

To avoid unsolicited mail and virus propagation our email servers will refer to a number of blacklists. These blacklists are used to help filter out unwanted mail.

If you believe you have been unfairly blacklisted, you should contact the DNS blacklist directly, the links on the right will take you directly to their homepages.


Email abuse investigation

If you wish to report an abuse of our email systems please email our .

Possible issues

For other issues, please use the support request form to contact our Software Engineering department.