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Registering software

Should source code be submitted?

Yes. For works such as software and web applications the source code is primarily where copyright exists and should be included with your application.

How should this be submitted?

Online: If you are submitting via the on-line registration facility, we recommend that you use an archiver such as WinZipWinRar/Rar7-ZipStuffIt, or Tar to first convert the source files into a single archive. This will ensure that the directory structure of the files is preserved, and also compresses your files which may reduce the upload time and cost of registering.

Postal: If you are submitting by postal application, simply include the source files (and any accompanying items) on a CD with your application form.

Related questions

  1. I read on a US site that only the first and last 25 pages were needed - is this correct?

    No, this is not correct. A registration cannot prove the content of something not included in the registration. You should submit the complete source code of the program.

    It is true that the US Copyright Office has such a condition, but this is not our policy. Our procedures ensure that we will always be able to provide a full and valid copy of your work in any international case.

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