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Domain names

Internet domain names

Internet domain names should be registered via your ISP or an independent domain registration service.

Names are not themselves directly protected by copyright, (please see our fact sheet P-18: Names, titles and copyright for more detail on this point), so we cannot help you with the use or protection of domain names themselves.


Does copyright protect the website itself?

Yes. Copyright will apply to the content of the site. That is to say the HTML pages, any other source code, plus any images etc. that are included on the site.

Can I register the website?

Yes, the web site itself (i.e. the pages, images, etc.) can certainly be registered.

If you use the online facility, and have a large number of smaller files, (which is typical for websites), we do suggest that you use an archiving program such as WinZip, StuffIt or Tar, to convert the files to a single archive. This will preserve your directory structure, may decrease the overall size and will simplify your upload.

If you use the postal facility, then you should simply send a copy of the site on a CD along with your application.

What if the site changes?

It is not a problem if the site changes after registration, as any significant changes made to the site can be added as updates, (please see our fact sheet P-17: Updating copyright registrations for details on this).

Further information

The following pages and fact sheets provide further information which you may find useful.

P-18: Names, titles and copyright

P-17: Updating copyright registrations