Self assessment


Can your work be classified as any of the following?

  1. Literary  

    A written, spoken or sung work.

    A computer program, database, or designs for a computer program.

    Any commercial document, brochure, synopsis, guide, manual or advertisement.

  2. Dramatic 

    A play, dance choreography, etc.

  3. Musical 

    Musical score or notation

    A recording or other representation of a musical work.

  4. Artistic/Design

    A photograph, collage, painting or drawing.

    A diagram, map, chart or plan.

    An engraving, etching, lithograph, woodcut or sculpture.

    A web site.

    A logo or design.

    Typographical arrangement of a published edition (magazine, periodical, etc.)

  5. Sound Recording

    A recording of literary, dramatic or musical works.

  6. Film

    A broadcast, film or video recording, (this may include a sound track).

One or more of these descriptions apply to the work.

The work does not fall into any of these categories.